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What are the benefits of membership of Value Investing Club?

  • Step by Step Guidance on How To Choose Stocks / Shares / Business For Investing.
  • Amazing Video Lectures
  • Full and comprehensive knowledge on value investing principles as told by Ben Graham, Warren Buffet, Seth Klarman.
  • Access to a private discussion forum where you can ask questions and give answers to other members and learners of Value Investing Club.
  • Multiple Choice Questions to test your knowledge.
  • Certificate of completion. 1
  • Moderator Support In Discussion Forum
  • Update Videos on Stock Market.
  • Motivation to learn and invest.
  • Lifestyle tips that will help you in becoming a good investor.
  • Entrepreneurship Lessons.

Value investing Club By Neeraj Arora is a community where we teach and learn the principles of value investing. Join with an open mind.

Hey Guys, welcome to value investing club. You will learn a lot at this club. You will get videos, pdfs, live sessions and you can also discuss with your peers about the art of value investing and this course is going to be a most comprehensive course on value investing on this planet. Yes, you read it right. Why?

I started researching about value investing and found that there is no clear guidelines or roadmap for this. I started taking many courses and i realised that most of the courses are not able to address the concern of the youngsters who want to start investing or who want to know more about this value investing thing and hence I decided that I am going to start a course then I thought let us not start a course rather a community where I can discuss the idea of value investing with the like-minded people.

I saw people are charging up to 25,000 Rs. for such courses. I decided to give it at the best value possible. The price includes GST as well. Remember this course has a beginning but no ending because सीखना बंद तो जीतना बंद.

PS: The best investment is to invest in yourself. The course is being offered at a very special price. Don’t miss it guys! I am personally recommending this. Once you are a member of this club you will not be required to join any other course related to investing. I ‘ll share all my investing details in this course.

If you want tips for stocks or you are in a hurry, then please go away! This is not a place for you.

❤️ Neeraj Arora

We will also be providing the certificates after checking your knowledge of the content.

1 – You have pass internal exams and score at least 80% in order to get the certificate of completion.

Duration – 3 to 4 hours Approx

When will the video course expire?

This video course will expire in 365  days.

On what device you can access this course?

This course can be accessed on the following devices:
1. Web Browser
2. Android Device (Download FinLearnClub App from Play Store)
3. iOS Device (Download FinLearnClub App from App Store. It’s currently unavailable, you will see it soon.)


Q: I purchased the course, made the payment, the amount got deducted from my account also, but the course is not visible in “MY COURSES” Section. What to do?

A: Don’t worry! This happens either due to fluctuations in the internet or some technical issue at our end. 
No need to worry. Please wait for one day as all the transactions are checked at midnight. 
If you still don’t see the course in your account the next day, then please contact us on 9910368103. 
We will help you out.

How many times the videos can be watched?

You can watch all the lectures an unlimited number of times until the validity ends.

Read it carefully-

For technical assistance- call us on 9910368103.

*Price is subject to change without any prior notice.

PS: Price is inclusive of GST.

Welcome to Value Investing Club

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Welcome and Introduction

  • 01 value investing club Welcome
  • 02 VIC What is value investing simple terms
  • 03 VIC Investing
  • 04 VIC value investing definition
  • Intro Quiz
  • 05 VIC Requirements of becoming a value investor


  • 06 VIC The Process
  • 07 VIC What Benjamin Graham Looked For
  • 08 VIC A question for you
  • 09 VIC Steady Profits


  • 10 VIC What is moat
  • 11 VIC Technical Moat is known as
  • 12 VIC Little thing
  • 13 Shall i invest in company with moat
  • 14 setting the parameters
  • 15 VIC How to check MOATS
  • 16 VIC Moats more about cost leadership
  • 17 VIC moats 2nd way of MOATS
  • 18 VIC Question for all
  • 19 VIC Moat the third way

Margin of Safety

  • 20 VIC Margin of Safety Latest

Circle of Competence

The Team (Management and Those Charged With Governance)


We are going to tell you how to access the course.

Step -1  Install Edu91 app in your android device from Google Play Store.
Step -2  Sign in to the app using your registered mail id.
Step -3  Click on Menu icon available on the topmost left corner.
Step -4  Click on My Courses in which you get all your enrolled courses.
Step -5  Click on the course which you want to play.
Step – 6  Then in the Home section you get the course detail and videos. Click on the video you want to play and watch the video.

These are the simple steps you need to follow to start the course.

You see in the right side in the top of the screen there is a Discussion section. In this, you ask your course-related doubt. And also discuss a specific topic with other learners.

Price: ₹999

  • Mixture of English & Hindi Langauge
  • All Level
  • Validity Period: 365 days
Office Timing
Mon-Sat: 10:00AM – 6:30PM