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365 Days

This is a club for the people who want to invest in mutual funds. First of all, let me explain to you it is not a course. It is a club. We all are learners here, including me.

What are the benefits of membership of Mutual Fund Club?

  • Amazing Video Lectures
  • Access to a private discussion forum where you can ask questions and give answers to other members and learners of Mutual Fund Club.
  • Multiple Choice Questions to test your knowledge.
  • Certificate of completion. 
  • Moderator Support In Discussion Forum
  • Motivation to learn and invest.
  • Lifestyle tips that will help you in becoming a good investor. 

Who all can join this club?

  • Students: For students in the Finance field: B.Com, BBA, MBA, CA, CFA etc. Complementary to your curriculum.
  • Job Seekers: For Jobseekers in Banking & Financial Industry. Prepare yourself for questions Mutual Funds field
  • Beginners: New to investing? Understand complexities of Mutual Funds. Start your investment journey
  • Investors: Made the wrong choices in past? Prepare a custom portfolio, mistakes to avoid & questions to ask from Financial advisor
  • Finance Professionals: Finance professionals can take a deeper dive in Mutual Fund Industry & improve their own investments & career.
  • Homemaker: Cash is a curse. Become a SMART HOMEMAKER. Clear your doubts & start investing in Mutual Funds fearlessly.

Why Mutual Funds?

A much safer way to invest in the Stock Market is through Mutual Funds. Investing in Mutual Funds requires far less amount of effort on the part of the Investor and is much less risky as these funds are managed by Professionals. Investing directly in the Stock Market requires a lot of time and effort and above all knowledge. 

Mix the inherent benefit of professionals running the show for you along with the diversification benefit and you have a tool to invest without knowing the nitty-gritty of individual stocks.  For a beginner looking to enter Equity Markets, Mutual Funds provide a much safer vehicle. If you do not have the time and knowledge to research and do a deep dive on individual stocks, Mutual Funds are the way to go.

Even though diversify and simplify our investment but choosing them is not so simple. There are more than 5,000 Mutual Funds Schemes available for investment with almost 40 fund houses in 20 different Equity categories, 17 Debt categories and 7 Hybrid categories. It is important to know about all of them before starting to invest. The course will cover discussion and implication of investments on all these categories.

Validity- 365 days from the date of registration

How many times the videos can be watched?

You can watch all the lectures an unlimited number of times until the validity ends.

GST Component

Please NOTE membership fees of this club is inclusive of GST.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is this course for me?
If you are a new investor or have already invested in Mutual Funds, this is a must-have course for you to understand all details about Mutual Funds

Will you tell me which Mutual Funds are best to invest?
It is tough to give generic names of funds as best funds depend on person to person. With this course, you will understand all types of Mutual Funds & how to review them. This course will arm you with enough information through which you can select the best mutual funds for yourself.

What is the duration of course?
The course has videos worth 6+ hours and also reading content too

Will I get a Certificate?

Will this course help in my NISM exam?
It surely will help to understand the basic concepts but it is not based on NISM course structure.

Is this course based on Live sessions?
No, this is a pre-recorded course. There will be doubt clearing live sessions regularly.

Will I get an understanding of all types of Mutual Funds?
Yes, all major types of Mutual Funds are discussed in detail – Equity, Debt, International, Gold, Liquid etc.

Mutual Funds are subject to Market risks, what does this mean?
Mutual Funds are of various types and each type is exposed to a different type of risk. More details shared in the course.

I have lost money in Mutual Funds in the past. Will this course help me understand my mistakes?
Yes, this course will give you complete details of each type of Mutual Funds. Each type carries a different risk. Specific fund performance-related queries can be posted in the Master Mind Discussion Forum.

What is the validity of the club?
Your membership will be active for 365 days from the date of purchase.

How to watch the videos?
After making the payment, you have to go to “MY COURSES” section, click on the course, then click on Start Learning. The whole curriculum can be accessed from there.

From how many devices can I access this club?
You can access this club from 2 devices: Your Mobile Phone & your Laptop. If you’re unable to access, you can always contact our team.

How to ask doubts & get in touch with the mentor?
You will have 24*7 access to MASTERMIND GROUP, where you can ask doubts from your mentors & network with peers (like-minded people)

Will I get a certificate?
There are 2 types of certificate: Certificate of Participation & Blockchain0enabled Certificate. You can get the CoP after completing the course.

How to get Blockchain-enabled Certificate?
The blockchain-enabled certificate can be verified online, & you can share your achievement with your peers on LinkedIn. A small fee is required to be paid to get the Certificate. Contact our team.

Can I download the video & watch?
You can download the videos on your phone & watch them later at your convenience.

I have a full-time job, not sure if I can invest time..
As confirmed before, your membership is valid for 1 YEAR. You can watch the videos anytime, anywhere, & at your own pace

How to ask doubts?

We will be provided with a discussion forum for doubts.

On what device you can access this course?

This course can be accessed on the following devices:
1. Web Browser
2. Android Device (Download FinLearnClub App from Play Store)
3. iOS Device (Download FinLearnClub App from App Store. It’s currently unavailable, you will see it soon.)

Q: I purchased the course, made the payment, the amount got deducted from my account also, but the course is not visible in “MY COURSES” Section. What to do?

A: Don’t worry! This happens either due to fluctuations in the internet or some technical issue at our end. 
No need to worry. Please wait for one day as all the transactions are checked at midnight. 
If you still don’t see the course in your account the next day, then please contact us on 9910368103. 
We will help you out.

Read it carefully-

For technical assistance- call us on 9910368103.

*Price is subject to change without any prior notice.


Starting Date of the course

> Resource Material

  • Types of Mutual Funds
  • Equity Funds & Types
  • Debt Funds & Types
  • Hybrid Funds & Types
  • ETF & Index Funds
  • Sector & Thematic Funds
  • Other Mutual Funds

> Basics

  • MFC YE Basics
  • MFC YE Basics
  • MFC YE Basics
  • Equity or MF – The GREAT Confusion YE91

> Bonus Videos & Updates

  • Bonus Lesson from Franklin Fund Drama YE91

> Mutual Funds Type

  • Mutual Fund Types
  • Equity Mutual Funds – Types, Taxation and Returns
  • Debt Mutual Funds – Types, Taxation and Returns
  • Hybrid Mutual Funds – Types, Taxation and Returns
  • ETFs & Index Funds – Types & Pros and Cons
  • Sector & Thematic Funds – Types & Returns
  • Other Type of Funds – International, Fund of Funds, Quant etc.

> More Videos

  • MFC YE All about SIP STP etc
  • How to Select an Equity Fund? Which parameters to Review?
  • How to select a Debt Fund? Parameters to Review
  • 1 MFC benchmark
  • 2 MFC Expense Ratio
  • 3 MFC Direct or regular
  • 4 MFC Compounding
  • MFC YE Fact Sheet

> Must Checkout

  • Get More Amazing Content

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  • For other devices, you can access your library using this web app through browser of your device.

Price: ₹790

  • Mixture of English & Hindi Langauge
  • All Level
  • Validity Period: 365 days
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