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Your one-stop solution for value investing knowledge!

India’s Biggest Excel Club. First of all, let me explain to you it is not a course. It is a club. We all are learners here, including me. In this club, you will get amazing videos for excel which can be used in your daily office life and you will be shining excel star. You can use the learnings in your daily personal life. These videos can also be used for doing personal financial planning. 

PLEASE NOTE – The enrolments to the Excel Club Will Close Soon.

If you fall under any of the following, you must immediately join this club.

  • You want to learn  excel.
  • You are doing a job, you are looking for promotion or a raise.
  • You are about joining your job or internship, you want to outshine other candidates in the interview.

What you will get after becoming a member of the excel club?

  1. Amazing Videos of Excel 
  2. Amazing Community Support, you can ask questions and solve the doubts of others. (Dedicated Discussion Forum)
  3. Interviews and lessons from people who are working in World’s Top Organisation, they will share their experience of using excel in their professional life.
  4. Real-life use cases of excel.
  5. You will learn almost everything (formulas, hacks, tips and tricks)  that is needed in your office while using excel.
  6. A certificate will be provided on demand (you may need to give a test for the same)

I can assure that you will get to learn plenty of formulas, tricks & shortcuts in which the majority of the students face a problem. This will always keep you one step ahead at your workplace. Courses like these are being sold for 10,000 to 15,000. We are providing you with the best of all the course and that too at the minimum price possible.

Excel is the modern-day “Braham Astra” For Anybody who is related to commerce stream, (12th class students, CA/CS/CMA Students, Accountants, Finance Professionals, Investment Bankers, CFA Aspirants, Stock Market Persons).

WARNING – Learning excel might suddenly make you a superstar in everyone’s eyes.

Membership Fees

  • As and when we are adding content the membership fee keeps on rising.
  • We are committed to keeping the cost as low as possible, but to avoid the high price, you must subscribe to the club as soon as possible.
  • There is no limit on the number of views of the videos. The validity of the membership is 730 days and you can renew it thereafter.

How it is different from YouTube Videos?

  • YT Videos are made with an object in mind, The club is for comprehensive learning and understanding of excel.
  • YT videos are scattered. The club videos are systematically organised.
  • No Community Support is there on YT. Here you will find like-minded individuals with whom you can discuss your queries and concerns.

Validity- 730 days from the date of registration

Available on Android & iOS Devices.

❤️ Neeraj Arora

Welcome to the Excel Club

Introduction and Welcome

  • 04 EC Why one YT Video


  • Basics of Excel | Must Watch
  • Excel Lecture 2 | Excel for Beginners ( हिंदी ) | Excel Tutorials By CA Neeraj Arora
  • Quiz-1 Basics of excel

Before you begin Learning Excel

  • 00 Before You Begin

Simple Things

  • 01 Excel Club
  • 02 excel club copy sheet hack
  • 03 Excel Club Filters
  • 04 Excel Club Sum if Basics


  • 05 Excel Club Count 1
  • 06 Excel Club Count 2 quick video
  • 07 Excel Club Count if
  • 08 Excel Club Count IFS


  • 09 Excel Club If Function Detailed Video
  • 09A Excel Club And and Conditional Formatting


  • 10 Excel Club Date
  • 11 Excel Club Date Quick Hack
  • 12 Excel Club Date Super Fast

Auto Fill Usage

  • 13 Excel Club Auto Fill Usage
  • 14 Excel Club Custom Auto-Fill
  • 15 Flash Fill In Excel | Excel Lecture 3 | Excel for Beginners (हिंदी)


  • VLookup in Excel Part 1 | VLOOKUP सिर्फ़ 30 minute में (हिंदी) | Excel Tutorials Neeraj Arora

Playing with Data

  • 16 Excel Club Tables
  • 17 Excel Club Tables 2
  • 18 Excel Club Tables 3 Slicer and Total Row
  • 19 Excel Club Tables 4 Total Row more ideas
  • 20 Excel Club Tables 5 Remove Duplicate
  • 21 Excel Club Tables 6 Flash Fill
  • 22 Excel Club Tables 6 Introduction To Power Query
  • 23 Excel Club Tables 7 Using Formulas With Table
  • 24 Excel Club Tables 7 Using Formulas With Table Sum if Count if

Pivot Table Introduction

  • 25 Excel Club Pivot Table Introduction
  • 26 Excel Club Pivot Table Introduction Level 2
  • 27 Excel Club Pivot Table Same Sheet Short Video
  • 28 Excel Club Pivot Table Slicer
  • 29 Excel Club Pivot Table Value Field Settings
  • 30 Excel Club Pivot Table secret to details from the pivot
  • 31 Excel Club Pivot Table Shortcut Summarised Values and Copy
  • 32 Excel Club Pivot Table Charts Intro
  • 33 Excel Club Pivot Table Charts 2
  • 34 Excel Club Pivot Table Filter Option and Motivation

Interviews with Excel Users

  • CA Naman Diwedi On Use of Excel In CA Internship and Beyond


  • 35 Excel Club Charts Basics
  • 36 Excel Club Charts 2
  • 37 Excel Club Charts 3
  • 38 Excel Club Charts 4
  • 39 Excel Club Charts 5

General Productivity Hacks

  • 01 GP Hack Double Screen
  • 02 GP Hack Mouse or Track Pad
  • 03 GP Hack Special Keyboard

Excel Shortcut & Hacks

  • 01 Excel Shortcuts Navigation and Selection
  • 02 Excel Shortcuts Hide and Show Commands

Conditional Formatting

  • 40 Excel Club Conditional Formatting
  • 41 Excel Club Conditional Formatting Between and Numbering
  • 42 Excel Club Conditional Formatting Data bars colour sets and icons

Excel Challenges

  • 01 Lumpsum Investment Calculator


  • 43Excel Club Filter
  • 44 Excel Club filter more options
  • 45 Excel Club filter number dates etc

Look Ups More Details

  • 46 Excel Club VlookUp Problems
  • 47 Excel Club VlookUp and Iferror
  • 48 Excel Club VlookUp and IFNA
  • 49 Excel Club Index and Match
  • 50 Excel Club change your world forever
  • 51 Excel Club Hlookup Chunnu Munnu

XLOOKUP (Killer of Vlookup, Hlookup, Index, Match)

  • 52 Excel Club Xlookup

Real-Life Cases (You guys can actually Share)

  • 01 Using nested if formula for real-life case

We are going to tell you how to access the course.

Step -1  Install Edu91 app in your android device from Google Play Store.
Step -2  Sign in to the app using your registered mail id.
Step -3  Click on Menu icon available on the topmost left corner.
Step -4  Click on My Courses in which you get all your enrolled courses.
Step -5  Click on the course which you want to play.
Step – 6  Then in the Home section you get the course detail and videos. Click on the video you want to play and watch the video.

These are the simple steps you need to follow to start the course.

You see in the right side in the top of the screen there is a Discussion section. In this, you ask your course-related doubt. And also discuss a specific topic with other learners.

Price: ₹999

  • Mixture of English & Hindi Langauge
  • All Level
  • Validity Period: 730 days
Office Timing
Mon – Sat: 10:00AM – 6:30PM