Become Financially Aatmnirbhar with me! (Neeraj Arora)

Open your Demat account from one the most trusted direct service brokers in India and start investing in your preferred stock of choice.

Are you also scared of investing in the Stock Market?

As a beginner, I can totally understand your frustration and fear related to investing.

Did you know that 98% of the people in our country are not investing in Stock Markets and losing out on billions of rupees in profits?

Would you like to know why people are so scared about investing in shares? Do you think it has something to do with how we used to trade before?

Before 1991, lakhs of people in India used to trade in stock market using paper certificates and chits to authorise brokers to make investments in various funds and stocks on the customers behalf

This system was obviously flawed because, lack of security measures and transparency gave rise to a lot of frauds and scams in India.

But I have no idea about Stock Market and Personal Finance so why should I open a DEMAT Account?

Opening a de-mat account is the first step to starting your journey towards becoming “Financially Aatmnirbhar”

Here are some advantages of opening a de-mat account even if you’re a complete beginner in the world of Investing:

Easy and Convenient

An average demat account takes around 24 hours to finish processing, but the registration itself does not take more than 5 minutes.

₹1000 brokerage credit valid for 30 days

With every new demat account, every new investor 1000 credit to place brokerage-free Equity, F&O, Commodity and Currency trades for the first 30 days

Safe & Secure

All your details are verified through secured government servers using information in your Adhar Card & Pan Card. It’s a super-safe & easy

Open Your Demat Account with Fin91 (in association with

If you are looking to start your investment journey with us, then we invite you to open your Demat account with

UpStox is one of India’s 2nd largest trading platform that is backed by Ratan Tata & Tiger Global

Upstox is also one of the highest rated applications for investing on leading app platforms such as Google Play and App Store in India.

More 12,24,141 users across India use UpStox every day to process millions of transactions in a highly secure & reliable trading platform

How is UpStox different?

How is UpStox different from traditional brokers such as banks and intermediaries?

India's Second Largest Direct Broker

UpStox is one of India’s leading discount brokers who leverage technology and artificial intelligence to order, place, and execute all your transactions on the stock exchange.

No Additional Cost For Portfolio Management

In contrast to conventional agents, Upstox doesn't charge any extra business or additional charges for interview, examination, or mediator administrations.

Highly Advanced Technology

At the same time, their low working costs allow them to redirect assets to their technological innovation.

Funded by the Tata Group

UpStox is one of India's only platform that is funded largely by Mr Ratan Tata from the Tata Group. The group is known for its trust and reliability for all its customers and has a legacy of more than 152 years.

Advanced Reporting

UpStox Pro app comes with advanced charts for each stock and generates over 100+ technical indicators in less than a second.

Unlimited Price Alerts & Stock Updates

Create Multiple Workspaces to include several widgets and set real-time alarms for rising and falling stocks to immediately alert you on any significant activity in your portfolio.


Powerful Analysis Tools

Upstox offers interactive charts & graphs to intelligently capture and report your data across mobile and pc anytime and anywhere.

Time and efficiency

With time saving features such as asset allocation calculators & NAV charts, you save a lot of time on research and analysis.

Better Tech

The platform offers the best in terms of the latest technology and is constantly evolving itself to meet the needs of young investors.

How to Get Started?

Follow the simple steps given below to create your De-mat account with us and take advantage of our exclusive benefits with Fin91

Step 1:

Click on the link below and sign up for a de-mat account on upstox